Where’s my order?

Every order has a tracking number which you can use to see its latest status. The tracking number is emailed to you upon shipment. Please check your spam folder if you do not see the order completion email containing tracking information. Once USPS has a hold of your package I no longer have any control over the speed of which it takes to get to you. All orders leave the shop on either the same or next business day (Monday -> Saturday). If the tracking shows no movement for a lengthy period of time then it may unfortunately be lost and I will send out a replacement at no charge. Contact support at [email protected] .

Are codes interchangeable?

No. Codes are as picky as your email address… one character different and it will not work. Codes are also brand specific. For example: Code 207R can be for a filing cabinet or a truck bed cover. If you have a truck bed cover and the description says it’s for a filing cabinet, it will not work even though the code matches. I do my best to remove all ambiguity in the products’ descriptions. If for any reason there’s doubt please contact [email protected] before placing an order.

I ordered the wrong keys… can I receive a refund?

All keys are made to order and therefore cannot be returned due to negligence. Please make sure you read the code on the lock or the key correctly, that it matches the brand or style lock in the listing, and also select the correct code when ordering. There may be additional disclaimers to help guide you into ordering the proper keys. If you think you made a mistake contact me asap so that I can change the order before fulfillment.

I placed my order and realized my shipping address is wrong, can you fix?

Yes! Please contact me right away with the correct shipping address.

I placed my order and didn’t realize my shipping address was wrong and now my order is being sent back to you. What do I do?

If your order bounces back to me you will only need to pay for shipping and I will ship back to you with your new address. Send me an email at [email protected] .

My keys do not work, what do I do?

Although not frequent by any means it does happen. If you ordered the correct keys then more than likely your lock is dry and simply needs lubricating. Spray some liquid lubricant into the lock and insert the key several times to loosen up any stuck wafers or pins. If it’s a filing cabinet also make sure that all the drawers are fully closed. If you still have problems getting the keys to work contact support at [email protected] and I will work with you to diagnose what’s going on.

…but your keys look different than mine so they must be wrong, correct?

What you’re probably seeing are keys that have been slide-cut. This is a method that takes more time to help keys not only insert more smoothly but also help eliminate any possible issues with spacing. If the keys are indeed different send me side by side photos and I will investigate. Although very rare it can happen that the key information that was given to me was incorrect. In that case I will get you the correct keys free of charge.

I need something but I don’t see it available in your store, can you help?

I am glad to help with any needs. If it’s a specific key or lock, for example, send me photos and as much detail as possible and I will look into it for you.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Let me know what you need and I will work with you for pricing and availability.